Municipal EV Charging Stations

EV Pro Solutions provides dependable EV chagers that can withstand the abuse of public useage.

Municipal EV Charging Stations

When municipalities plan to install EV charing stations it's important to consider the mixture of durabilty, ease of use, and short charge time that people desire. And as we know, the municipality's or government's budget is ultimately the deciding factor. Not every EV charger is made to withstand the repeated use and abuse that occurs when they reside in public places for the use of the masses. At EV Pro Solutions, we're fortunate to have worked with just about every EV charger manufacturer and model, which allows us to find the right product for your situation.

With the popularity of Electric Vehicles soaring, it's natural for residents to eventually demand infrastructure that support the vehicles they will ultimately be purchasing. Nearly ever can manufacturer has at least one EV and who lineups in some case. As a result, many municipalities are having more and more EV charging stations installed around their towns and cities. As we move towards 2030, the year experts say over 50% of the cars sold with be an EV, municipalities are having to put aggressive EV installation projects in place in fear that toursim revenues will suffer.

Most electricians these days have backlogs of projects and long timelines. At EV Pro Solutions, 100% of our focus is on providing EV charger installations for less money, in less time, with less notice. Give us a call!

Why Orlando chooses EV Pro Solutions?

EV Pro Solutions is locally owned and operated by electricians with a combined 25 years of experience. We can't say for sure, but we've probably installed more EV chargers in Orlando homes than any other contractor. EV chargers and accesorries are all we do

What’s included with an EV Charger Install?

EV Pro Solutions takes the extra time to not only ensure our chargers are installed properly and safely, but we educate our customer as well.

  • Full electrical panel inspection ensuring compatibility with EV charger or choice
  • Client consultation to determine best EV charger for the situation
  • Pedestal installation (if applicable)
  • 3 year guarantee on the EV Charger
  • Lifetime craftsmanship guarantee

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